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Paul Naybour

This may seem like an obvious question but i wanted to check to be clear. I listened to the podcast, watched the video and checked the study guide and was pretty clear that a portfolio encompasses projects and programmes but NOT business as usual.

However the quiz on page 19, answers on page 148 says actually a portfolio does include BAU. Confused me. Help, I feel this could be one of those trick questions in an exam :).

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  1. It’s quite a confusing area of the syllabus and in many respect is beyond the scope of the PFQ qualification. The portfolio management definition included the phrase “The goal is to balance change initiatives and business-as-usual while optimising return on investment” So as we say in the study guide “these are orchestrated to achieve change in the business”. So in this respect portfolios do include business as usual or at least the changes in business as usual.

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