Practice Exam V1.8 – Couple Of Queries (Q7 And Q10)

Paul Naybour

Hi Paul,

I’ve had a go at the practice exam paper which the APM publish (v1.8) and there’s two questions I’m struggling to understand what they’re getting at and wanted some advice:

Question 7 Part 2 – List and describe four benefits of adapting leadership styles during a project.  Ensure you include at least one beneficiary in each description.
I think the first part is getting at Participating, Selling, Delegating and Telling but am not sure what it means by beneficiaries?

Question 10 – List and describe five typical contents (eg processes, components, techniques) of a structured project management method.
Is this asking for specific processes (eg Risk management plan) or is it a more generic question than that?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Sarah the beneficiary would be the project team members and leader. A bit of a stupid question.

    Processes, such are risk management, change control

    Components, such as the business case, PMP

    Techniques such as critical path

    Roles such as PM and sponsor.

    Structured such as a standard lifecycle for all project in the organisations

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