Programme Benefits – Feedback Required

Paul Naybour

Explain 5 distinct benefits of managing groups of projects as
programmes rather than as individual unconnected projects. Ensure that you
identify at least one beneficiary / recipient.

  1. Integration
  2. Resources
  3. Risks
  4. Benefits
  5. Impact on BAU
By considering how the projects
within a programme relate provides integration improves the overall delivery of
the final solution. For example if we consider the delivery of the Olympics as
a programme in which the stadium, security and computer systems for ticketing
are individual projects they all must successfully integrate with each other
for the overall outcome to be a success. This will benefit the users of the
products delivered as they will have a seamless experience from using the
different projects products (or in this case attending the Olympics).
Resource pools will be allocated
for each project and scheduled accordingly according to the PMP. Within a
programme the resource pool is much larger since it contains the sum of the
resources for all of the projects. Rather than trying to implement each task
within the isolated project as quickly as we can, the programme can move resources
around to meet those tasks which are deemed of higher importance. This is of
particular benefit to the programme manager who has a larger resource pool to
call on with a greater skill set mix which could be called upon at short
Risks can be managed at the
programme level. A programme will have a greater visibility of risks across the
projects and the relative priority of each. In addition programmes will have a
greater contingency budget so mitigation planning is more effective and
efficient for the organisation. This will be of benefit to the Programme
Sponsor who will be able to make most efficient use of contingency budgets.
By considering benefits at the
programme level, individual projects can be terminated, accelerated or new ones
started in order to achieve the overall objective of the programme. This
provides flexibility to the Organisation since programmes are usually multi
year and take an evolutionary approach. This benefits the programme sponsor who
will still be able to achieve the benefits of the programme through utilising
this flexibility.
It is essential that the
management of change and the impact on business as usual is controlled to
ensure that operations are not affected. Failure to achieve this can lead to
lost productivity, poor morale, reduced quality of the final deliverables
affecting the workforce. Therefore the implementation of change can be managed
across the programme to ensure that the impact of delivery is minimised and the
projects are delivered into BAU in a controlled and organised manner.

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