Project Context Sample Question Some Feedback Please

Paul Naybour

Explain what is meant by a project
context and explain 4 distinct factors that may influence project

A project does not exist in isolation
and there will be different external and internal influences which
will impact on how and when a project is delivered. External influences could include political, economic, sociological, technological, legal or environmental influences. Internal factors might include the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A project
manager needs to be aware of the project context when planning and
delivering a project to maximise the chance of success and minimise risk. Examples of how four of theses factors might influence a project are explained below:

  • Political – the political
    environment such as a general election, local election, the
    political agenda from central and local government and political
    issues in the media could have an impact on a project. Internal
    politics, such as the agenda of particular stakeholders, can also
    influence decision-making. For example, an NHS Trust might delay the
    start of new transformational projects at a hospital during a
    general election campaign to avoid appearing aligned with the health
    agenda of any particular political party.

  • Economic – The economic context
    would include the availability of funding and resources to deliver a
    project either from within the organisation or externally. It could
    also include wider economic predictions and confidence in the
    economy. For example, a mental health charity may decide to
    prioritise a project to develop a new service supporting people with
    dementia (instead of service that is most needed by their customers)
    because that is more likely to be funded by grant-making
    organisations at that particular time.

  • Sociological – This is how the
    project impacts on people and communities. For example, if a water
    company wanted to undertake a project to build a new sewer tunnel,
    they would need to be aware of the impact the building work would
    have on the people and communities where they were undertaking the
    construction and act accordingly to minimise disruption and

  • Legal – This is the legal
    framework within which the project falls. For example, if you were
    undertaking a project to convert a house into flats, it is important
    that you understand the impact of planning laws and building
    regulations when planning and delivering the project.

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  1. Katie yet again another good answer, you have communicated both the internal and external aspects of the project contest with good examples.

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