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Project Management News Round-Up

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 23rd November 2012

Here are some of the most interesting project management items published recently selected by the Parallel Project Training team to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the PM world:

5 Things CEOs Must Know About Project Management

Chief executive officers (CEOs) who want to prepare their organizations for the future must consider project management as the union of project portfolio management, program management and project management. The confluence of these three functions can transform a CEO’s businesses and enable delivering exceptional value to his or her customers.

Earlier this month International Project Management Day took as one of its themes the role of women in project management. Elizabeth Harrin spoke to Angela Minzoni Alessio, PhD, an industrial and business anthropologist from the Ecole Centrale in Paris, about how men and women approach project risk differently.

Driving efficiency with improved IT project management

Stadco is one of the UK’s biggest providers of automotive ‘body-in-white’ products and services and produces pressed steel and aluminium car parts and panels for Jaguar Land Rover, among others. It employs over 1,000 people in five locations across the UK and has other operations all over the world. By integrating structured IT solutions from Bestoutcome, Stadco has helped guarantee transparency and visibility across all IT projects, as well as raising productivity in the process.

Project Management for Online Marketers

There are countless project management apps out there in the cloud. They range from being minimal to unnecessarily bloated. Picking the right one that suits your workflow is a painstaking process. A few days ago, Justin Stravarius had the opportunity to pick a project management app for co-ordinating online marketing efforts. Online marketing is booming and has a workflow that’s changing at every turn. Swydo is a task management and easy reporting app for online marketers, professional digital agencies and online marketing departments.

Project Portfolio Management gives PMOs the Tools and Techniques to Get Lean in Lean Times

Read this whitepaper to find out why being a more strategic organization requires PMO applications, or support tools, that provide visibility, accountability, and control including resource, request, and time-management. Discover the importance of implementing a technology solution that provides governance controls, facilitates communication between project managers and corporate stakeholders, all while promoting consistency in terms of methodology and best practices. Concluding the whitepaper are the reasons why choosing a SaaS model speeds implementation, reduces risk, and increases the odds of success of your PMO.

6 Project Management Mistakes

When it comes to team success, a lot of it rests on the shoulders of the project manager. Project managers play a critical role in channeling information, keeping individuals on track, and generally being the knowledge hub of any project. Yet despite their best efforts sometimes good projects go bad. Why? Well, recently surveyed dozens of IT executives and project managers to come up with a list of 12 common project management mistakes – along with ways to avoid these often time consuming and potentially costly problems. Troy Larson sifted through these to bring you the top 6 mistakes to be aware of…

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