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Section 3.5 ‘Whirlwind Bikes’ Case Study

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 30th July 2012


I thought I understood about sponsors but I am ‘stuck’ with the case study.  I would have thought the sponsor was the EU (EUCHA).  However the question suggests there is another suitable option for this?  I am struggling to think who?  I am also struggling to define why they are the sponsor (the grant, defined the business case as defined the products required and benefits?).

Is there a ‘answers’ sheet or discussion section regarding the case study questions?



  1. Paul says:

    Yes Zak is the sponsor for the bike project. The EU project is in-fact another project or programme as it is not about a bike but about improving the health of the EU and reducing carbon. The Bike is likely to be just one project in this programme.

  2. Student says:

    Hi Andy, thanks. Also just ‘heard’ on the podcast a bit more explanation on this so think i’m clear now. thank you

  3. Student says:

    having read the case study ‘you’ are the project manager and Zak is the sponsor – he is driving the piece of work and is therefore ‘championing’ it and has influence with James as co-owner. He is keen to move forward and will support the project manager. Zak is the person who really understands the potential benefits.

  4. Student says:

    Ah right, the sponsor cannot be an organistaion, it is an individual. This leads me to Zak Shallow and James McKee. As Zak is driving the piece of work I view him as the project manager. James is the original founder of the company and perhaps the sponsor??

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