Section 3.5 ‘Whirlwind Bikes’ Case Study

Paul Naybour


I thought I understood about sponsors but I am ‘stuck’ with the case study.  I would have thought the sponsor was the EU (EUCHA).  However the question suggests there is another suitable option for this?  I am struggling to think who?  I am also struggling to define why they are the sponsor (the grant, defined the business case as defined the products required and benefits?).

Is there a ‘answers’ sheet or discussion section regarding the case study questions?



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  1. Yes Zak is the sponsor for the bike project. The EU project is in-fact another project or programme as it is not about a bike but about improving the health of the EU and reducing carbon. The Bike is likely to be just one project in this programme.

  2. Hi Andy, thanks. Also just ‘heard’ on the podcast a bit more explanation on this so think i’m clear now. thank you

  3. having read the case study ‘you’ are the project manager and Zak is the sponsor – he is driving the piece of work and is therefore ‘championing’ it and has influence with James as co-owner. He is keen to move forward and will support the project manager. Zak is the person who really understands the potential benefits.

  4. Ah right, the sponsor cannot be an organistaion, it is an individual. This leads me to Zak Shallow and James McKee. As Zak is driving the piece of work I view him as the project manager. James is the original founder of the company and perhaps the sponsor??

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