Search Engine Optimisation Helps Project Management Training Company Grow To Over £600k In Less Than Three Years

Paul Naybour

Parallel Project Training credits search engine optimisation (SEO) with their growth as one of the country’s leading project management training providers. Parallel Project Training recognised early on the importance to their success of developing a strong online presence and internet authority. To this end they embarked on an SEO campaign which has helped their turnover grow ten-fold in just 3 years.
SEO is an online marketing process that targets the first page of the search engine results in Google, and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, for particular search terms and particular pages of a website. Parallel Project Training were determined from the outset to achieve top search engine rankings by entirely ethical methods that would reflect the ethos of their growing reputation as a professional training provider.
Search Engine Optimisation involves a series of tasks aimed at indicating to Google that a website is trusted, authoritative and provides a visitor with information relevant to their search. It is a major factor in the success of every website whether commercial, educational or informational. It allows a site to influence web-visitors’ decision-making process and their perception of the professionalism of a website because a key element to successful SEO is high-quality content, whether that is text, video or audio. It ensures consistent and sustainable high rankings that lead to high visitor numbers but, more importantly, to the right visitors – those that will convert into a lead or a sale.
These factors have helped the Parallel Project Training website evolve into an authoritative and influential site that has benefitted the company’s image and enabled them to achieve success online and in the face-to-face world of project management training.
Paul Naybour, Business Development Director of Parallel Project Training commented “When we first established the company we recognised the need for more than just traditional marketing to ensure our success in an increasingly internet-focussed business environment. As a company offering innovative training solutions such as podcasts, webinars and e-learning it was vital that we developed a strong online presence. We chose a local SEO consultancy to help make this happen who could be flexible to our changing needs as the company grew.”
Michelle Symonds, SEO Consultant at Ditto Digital, remarked “Right from the start Paul was excited about the opportunities presented to Parallel by achieving high search engine rankings. As a relatively new company when I first became involved with them, they were ideally placed to embrace a marketing strategy focussing predominantly online and evolve their website to take advantage of knowledgeable potential customers.  Paul enthusiastically follows SEO developments and together we are constantly striving for ways to improve the company’s online visibility. By developing content for Parallel that will engage and interest visitors the company is building up a formidable reputation as the place to go for the very best training and information about the world of project management.”
Parallel Project Training’s turnover, which has grown in 3 years to almost three-quarters of a million pounds, is a direct reflection of the success of their SEO strategy.

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