Signs That You Need To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Paul Naybour

A good leader is one that leads by example and always seeks to better him or herself. Discover some of the key signs that you need to improve your leadership skills.

Many people believe that being a leader is something that comes naturally. While it is the case that some people have more innate leadership skills than others, this is definitely a skill that can be learnt and needs to be honed on a continual basis. There are always new leadership skills and approaches that can be learnt. Not only this, but a good leader is one that leads by example and always seeks to better him or herself. Read on to discover whether you need to improve your leadership skills.

Over involvement

Are you too involved in what everyone else on the team is doing? While it can be very tempting to micro manage because you feel responsible for the entire project, this does not benefit anyone. The strongest leaders know that they are facilitators. They trust their team, especially because they have delegated tasks effectively.

Lack of training

Another sign that your leadership skills need enhancing is if you have not taking any training courses to help you develop this area of your project management skill set. This does not mean you have to take a leadership course specifically. There are many different options, such as project management courses, which include topic areas on leadership. Find something that will benefit you and your job role the most.

Lack of team development

As a leader, one of the main areas of your job should be to develop your team. The people that report to you should always be growing and progressing as professionals. If they are not stretching and advancing their skills all of the time, this could be because you are not being an effective leader.

Excessive team conflict

Another sign that you need to brush up on your leadership is if there is excessive conflict within your team. Note the word ‘excessive’ – some conflict is not necessarily a bad thing providing it is handled in the correct way. It can even be productive, leading to more intelligent action and better decisions. However, if the conflict is unproductive and getting out of hand, this indicates that there is something wrong.

High employee turnover

Last but not least, you may have heard the saying that employees do not leave jobs, they leave their leaders. Of course, there are a number of other reasons why turnover may be high, but don’t overlook your potential role in it.

As you can see, there are a number of different signs that indicate that you need to work on your leadership skills. If you have noticed any of the indications that have been mentioned above, now would be a good time to look at the ways that you can hone your skills to the benefit of yourself and your team.

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