How To Simplify Project Management

Paul Naybour

Project management does not need to be complicated. Yes, there are going to be times when complex matters come to the fore. You are going to have difficult decisions to make. Something unexpected could throw you off track. You could have varying stakeholder viewpoints to manage. You may face a deadline or quality issue. And the list goes on… This is why you need to simplify project management – make it as straightforward as possible for you and your team, and here are the various ways you can do so.


Take it step by step

There is only one place to begin, and this is by taking it step by step. Projects can be overwhelming when you look at them all at once. This is why it is wise to narrow down your focus. You can do this by giving each task a deadline, screening out unimportant tasks, and prioritising your tasks by importance.


Create a prioritised list of service standards

Project teams are often too busy to remember mission statements and complicated rules when they are in the heat of the action. Successful businesses realise this, and instead they create prioritised service standards. This ensures that your team has real guidance when they are making independent decisions. For example, the Walt Disney Company’s prioritised services standards are: safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. These are in order as well.


Make the most of project management software

There are many tools and software solutions that are available for project managers today. These tools will make project management a lot more straightforward. You will be able to manage all data with ease, as well as ensuring all of your employees are on track and have everything they need.


Make sure all roles and responsibilities are clear

This is where a lot of project managers go wrong. They complicate the important information. If roles and responsibilities are not made clear, people will end up on completely different pages and this can derail the project altogether.


Engage with email

Emailing is one of the best ways for team members to exchange information. You should make the most of this. You can assign and accept tasks via email, as this will create a thread of communication that is time dated, trackable, and identifies all participants. You can also ensure your team members are accountable.


Embrace project management training if you are struggling

If you are struggling to stay on top of everything, don’t overlook the option of professional training – courses are not designed for beginners only. No matter how long you have been a project manager, a training course can help you to feel revitalised, refresh your approach, while also enlightening you to some other ways you can simplify project management and stay on track.


It is possible to successfully simplify project management even on difficult or complex projects – in fact, the ability to do so is one of the project management skills everyone should learn. This will help you to achieve your goals more effectively while ensuring your team is on track and organised.

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