Structured Methods – Feedback Required Please

Paul Naybour

Explain 5 advantages
to an organisation of adopting a structured method for project management ? (50

  1. Business case – justified
  2. Provide Gate reviews
  3. Provide stage Reviews
  4. Provides a baseline
  5. Provides a mechanisms for risk / issue management.
Structured methods within an organisation ensure that the
project has a justified business case before the development begins and
significant costs are incurred. The different solutions, benefits, risks and
costs are considered before arriving at a single solution. The advantage to the
organisation is that the benefits, risks and costs are considered and approved
by the projects governance structure before embarking on the project providing
clarity to the organisation
As the project is split into phases, it has clear points at
which the sponsor can measure the project against the business case to ensure
that the project is still justified. At the end of each phase clear formal go /
no go decision points exist in order to progress to the next stage. The
advantage is that there is formal means to ensure the business case is still
justified and that the project does not proceed to far and to fast without a
formal review process and is still justified.
Stage reviews allow the sponsor and project manager to
assess how the implementation is progressing during the development stage. For
example Key performance indicators in construction of a stadium might be number
of seats installed. Other classic project KPIS included CPI or SPI. It gives a
unit of measure relating to performance that the sponsor and sponsoring group understands
and builds trust.
Structured methods provide for a baseline to be established
during the definition stage and recorded in the PMP. It is the point at which
all aspects are measured from and is agreed before the development commences.
For example the PMP will define the time schedule for delivery, the planned
costs to be incurred and the quality criteria under which the products will be
assessed. Any requested changes can be assessed for impact against the baseline
so that the impact is fully understood by the change control board before it is
approved. This ensures that change takes place in a controlled and effective
Structured methods provide a mechanism to identify, record,
assess and mitigate risks that occur during the project. The advantage for the
organisation is that there is a clear procedure for the management of risk
which is auditable and builds trust with stakeholders since there is a clear
demonstrable process. It reduces the risk to the organisation and ensures that
risks are managed appropriately protecting the organisation from reputational
damage which could impact on sales.

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  1. Brian I only changes this sentence to “Structured methods provide for a baseline to be established during the definition stage”. The method it’s self doesn’t set a baseline, however it provides a way in which the baseline can be established and approved. Small point sorry

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