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Advantages Of A Properly Agreed Project Management Plan

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 7th November 2012

Your comments and advise on the following answer to the above question would be much appreciated.

I’ve looked to use Adrian’s advise with regard to how I structure my answer.

– One advantage of having a properly agreed project management plan is that it provides a baseline from which any changes that occur during the course of the project can be measured. It is the key document when it comes to recording and reporting project variations.

– A second advantage is that it enables the various project plans and strategies to be communicated to those involved in the project. It notifies team members and stakeholders of what is contained within documents such as the health and safety plan, procurement strategy and the risk mangement plan and describes how those documents will be applied throughout the project.

– A third advantage is that it describes the various role and responsibilities that are to be undertaken. This is a very valuable information for project managers as it enables them to assign appropriate tasks to team members and ensure that adequate resources are available.

– A fourth advantage is that it enables project managers to schedule work through the use of gantt charts and, by using milestones, to have an understanding of when strategic events will occur in the project life cycle. Having these agreed timescales are also advantageous to the managing of the project budjet

– A fifth advantage is that a properly agreed project management plan can act as a means of ensuring that the project has continuity. Not all staff will stay with the project, particularly if it takes place over a number of years, and having an agreed plan enables those jioning the team to have a good understanding of the project requirements.  

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