Tender Procsss – Feedback Required

Paul Naybour

List and Describe 5
typical stages in the process for selection of a supplier via a competitive
tender ?

  1. ITT / Requirements
  2. Supplier Queries
  3. Supplier Selection
  4. Award
  5. Contract Administration
As part of the procurement strategy the organisation will
have a process to undertake competitive tenders. Initially the organisation
will define their requirements which will be at the user, technical, functional
level (e.g. for a new software system the response time is at least x, it must use
windows 10, it must support 250 users). The essential and less important
criteria and defined and written into an ITT which is sent out the suppliers,
with arrangements for how and when to return, the scoring mechanism and contact
details for any queries.
After suppliers have received the ITT they may come back to
the sponsoring organisation with questions such as “is the number of users
concurrent ?”. This information is relayed to all suppliers so that the sponsoring
organisation is being fair to all suppliers so that one supplier is not
benefiting from additional information. This period will be defined in the ITT.
The supplier selection process will occur following closure
of the queries window, and each submission will be scored under the criteria
outlined within the ITT. It is essential that this scoring is followed exactly
to prevent any legal action by those unsuccessful suppliers following the award.
The criteria is usually based on a number of aspects including costs, functionality,
delivery capability and financial standing of the supplier as well as reference
During the award stage the successful supplier is informed
and those unsuccessful suppliers also informed. Feedback is given on the
reasons for those unsuccessful suppliers. From the notice being sent out a
period before the successful supplier signs the contract exists known as the
alcatel period to allow for successful debriefing and to prevent any court
injunctions which prevent the successful supplier signing the contract. 
During contract administration the successful supplier will
negotiate with the sponsoring organisation over the fine detail such as
Intellectual Property Rights to products, determine the methods for dispute
resolution agreeing reimbursement methods and payment milestones  and signing the contract. Following the
contract signatures contract administration will ensure the compliance with the
contract supplier performance.

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