The APM Project Professional Qualification (Second Edition)

Matt Bolton

The APM has launched the second edition of the Project Professional Qualification. This second edition PPQ is designed to fit as Step 3 in the APMs ladder of qualifications;

  1. Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)
  2. Project Management Qualification (PMQ)
  3. Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)
  4. Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)

The PPQ is a recognized assessment for applying for Chartered Project Professional via route 1. The PPQ seeks to build upon the technical knowledge gained in the PMQ, and offers delegates the ability to demonstrate good project management theory and apply it to a case study scenario.

Who is the PPQ for?

The APM PPQ is aimed at a number of people;

  1. Project managers and professionals looking to progress their professional development
  2. People looking to progress onto ChPP via route 1
  3. Experienced project managers looking for a more advanced way of formalising their experience into a qualification
  4. Candidates who have completed the PMQ and wish to continue their progress and improve the strength of their CVs.

How is the PPQ assessed?

The PPQ assessment contains both a written and oral element. Candidates will be asked to complete a pre-seen case study assessment. A typical task might be negotiating a change request with stakeholders or presenting a progress report to senior management. The assessors will play the role of the stakeholders. This will then be followed up by a case study report.

What topics are covered?

The APM PPQ syllabus is broken into three overarching units;

  1. Leadership and management – This ranges from establishing and leading productive teams, resolving conflict and negotiation, and managing stakeholders
  2. Governance – Including establishing clear and defined roles, monitoring progress and reviews, and managing change and benefits.
  3. Planning and control – Including preparing schedules and budgets, managing issues and risks, and consolidated planning.

What course are we offering?

Parallel is offering a 3 day virtual course, led live by one of our experienced project management tutors. Over the course of the 3 days, 12 webinars will cover each of the topics above, and delegates will be guided through case study scenarios to prepare them for the assessment. Focus on the course will not be on teaching the topics, but on giving the delegates the ability to critically analyse the application of these theories to real life project management environments.

This three day course will be accompanied by a bespoke PPQ manual, written by us at Parallel Project Training. Candidates will also receive sample questions and answers to help prepare for the assessment.

We are also offering the PPQ course as an ‘in-house’ option. This will be appropriate for a company who has a number of delegates looking to take the PPQ, where we can work with your delegates as a group and adjust the course to your needs and schedule. This solution also offer greater cost saving per delegate.

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