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APMP Project Management Qualification Adds £10K To Salary

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 22nd November 2011

Every year the recruitment consultancy Arras People conduct a detailed Project Management Benchmark Report. Over the years it has become widely respected as a measure of the state of the UK project management jobs market. In this year’s review of salary rates for project managers they examined the difference between the salary rates of those with and APMP project management qualification and those with. The results are shown in the graph below

The mean result is that those with an APMP qualification typically earn £10k more than those without.

What is the APMP?

The APMP qualification is a foundation level project management qualification based on the APM Body of Knowledge. As such it represents a good grounding in project management as practiced by a wide range of practitioners. The qualification is sponsored by the Association for Project Management which is the professional body for project management in the UK. The exam has the reputation for being quite tough as the national pass rate is only 65%.
The APMP qualification is recognised by several major players in the project management space, including

  1. BAA
  2. Siemens
  3. Network Rail
  4. Transport for London
  5. EdF
  6. BT
  7. EC Harris

These organisations are often delivering the most complex projects as are often willing to pay well for world class people.

How does the APMP fit with my career development?

Professional development qualifications from the APM define a clear career development road map for project managers from the start of their careers to the recognitions of a capability to deliver the most complex of projects. At each level the APM has the right qualification and standards to recognise your status and prepare you for the next level. These levels include

  1. APM Introductory Certificate for new project managers and team members.
  2. APMP for those who are beginning to move into professional project management
  3. APM Practitioner for those who can demonstrate the behavioural skills and competences needed to lead projects.
  4. APM Registered Project Professional is a standard for those project managers who can show a track record delivering complex projects

Parallel Project Training Academy

Parallel Project Training is one of the very few training providers to cover the entire range of APM qualifications and our unique blended approach to the delivery of APMP training, our study guides, on-line e-learning, exam prep forum and engaging teaching methods deliver consistently high pass rates with several groups attaining 100% pass rate.

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