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The Benefits of Adobe Connect For Virtual Learning


Published: 20th May 2020

If you are not using Adobe Connect for your virtual learning, then read on to see all the benefits you could be taking advantage of.

When it comes to virtual learning whether you are undertaking a project managers course, or indeed any other form of training, there are a number of different platforms out there that you could consider using. If you haven’t already had a look at Adobe Connect, then you really should. It is arguably one of the leading products for virtual classrooms on the market at the moment.

Why not read on to discover just a few of the benefits of turning to Adobe Connect for your virtual learning.

User friendly

One very important factor that anyone wants when they look at using a new platform is that it is user friendly. Whether your virtual learning consists of just a couple of people or a larger group, it is important to remember that the abilities of the people in the group will vary and no more so when it comes to using new technologies. Some people will be able to pick something up really quickly, while others will struggle for a while.

Something that is user friendly and incredibly easy to understand, such as Adobe Connect can really make all the difference to the learning experience. All you need to start using it is a flash supporting web browser, and that’s it. Adobe Connect can also be used from a variety of mobile devices. And, should you want to be able to look back at what was said later there is an ability to record your online sessions that still offers you the functionality of a live web meeting.


When it comes to virtual learning security should also be a very important consideration, you want to know that whatever platform you use the information that is shared on it is secure. Adobe Connect offers a number of capabilities and features that can address any security concerns that you might have; these include:

  • Control application with user access permissions
  • You can manage any users via your current LDAP server
  • SSL Encryption Security
  • You can use SSO (Single Sign-On) with a number of different systems
  • The password policies of Adobe Connect can be managed and aligned to your own security requirements


While there is nothing wrong with some of the more basic platforms that are out there when it comes to professional training and the type of content you are sharing, then it may be necessary to use a platform that offers you that little bit more. Adobe Connect is feature-rich in this department and allows for much more controllability as well. In terms of being able to share, there are some good options within Adobe Connect that will allow easy shareability. The roles of participants can be controlled and limited, work in progress can also be stored so that you can return to it at a later date, and of course, you can edit any recordings you make of your online sessions.

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