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The newest tools for project managers


Published: 15th April 2021

Technology is continually changing with new and better solutions appearing on the marketplace all the time. If you are looking for the best project management software to help you put your project management skills to best use, here is our round up of some of the newest and best tools for project managers that are out there.


This is a comprehensive solution that has the capability of taking all of those features that you might be looking for in your project management software and combining them; things like contact management, team collaboration, reporting and billing. Scoro can help with the entire work process, allowing you to streamline everything without the need for a range of different tools for different tasks. All of the important information that you need can easily be stored in just one place. Features include real time KPI dashboard, contact management, team calendars that can be shared, project progress and finance reports.


A very popular tool with many project management teams; Basecamp offers a more modern social media style interface as well as features for carefree team collaboration. This tool has some great features including message boards that can be really handy for discussing both your current project and any new ideas, project performance reports, desktop and email notifications and in-app collaboration within the team.


This really simple to use tool is ideal for smaller teams and those with simple projects. It combines elements of file storage, project management and collaboration and also assists in the management of projects team wide without the need for email. Features include assignments for tasks and teams, roadmaps and timelines for your project and the ability to file and then track sprints and bug reports.

Citrix Podio

If you are looking for a very customisable and flexible online hub for both team and work communications, then this is the ideal tool. You can use it to attach files, assign tasks and even to discuss details. It helps to automate the pipelines for sales and for tracking your project budget and can also be used to share large files.


Created by ad executives with plenty of experience in the field, Workzone is the tool that was designed specifically to help creative teams and agencies to introduce the necessary visibility into their work. This tool has some great features. Users can create and personalise their own individual to-do lists, designate permissions to individual users so that they can access tasks, files and projects – this includes clients, and also allows for project managers to put their project management qualifications to their best use and assign certain members of the team more than one task when necessary. Whilst this is a really powerful tool it is surprisingly simple to use, especially in comparison to some of the other ones on the market.


If you want to be able to visualise the tasks of your project then Trello is a great way of doing this. It works particularly well for quick and short, everyday assignments. It’s a very visual tool and easy to use with simple task management, and it allows you to create unlimited task lists share images and files and even organise your lists by priority or date. More features and integration with online services are also available in the form of Trello Power-Ups, which provide capabilities in addition to the basic Trello app features to make the platform more powerful.

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