Virtual PMP Certification Course Launched

Paul Naybour

Parallel Project Training have successfully delivered a number of bespoke virtual courses for corporate clients and have now launched their first open virtual PMP Certification course to be held in November 2014. Registration for the course is now open and will continue until 23 October 2014.
The course will be conducted over a full week (24th – 28th November incl.) with the examination held at the end of the week. Adobe Connect is used to facilitate the virtual classroom sessions as a live event from anywhere in the world with the trainer visible on video to all participants. It also has a whiteboard facility and real-time questioning opportunities either via voice (for which a microphone and headset are required) or via a keyboard with the interactive Chat facility which shows all questions on-screen to all participants.
Our experience shows that the level of interaction between delegates in a virtual classroom situation is very high, which is a huge advantage of these virtual courses over more traditional distance learning. Combined with our printed study material this approach has proved to be highly successful, allowing delegates to work in a way that fits more readily around their on-going work commitments, whilst still gaining the opportunity to interact with project managers from different companies and locations.
We record the virtual classroom sessions so that participants have the opportunity to re-visit particular sessions at any time. They are also able to access presentations and training documents through Adobe Connect.

Distance learning of this type offers professional PMP qualifications in a productive and cost-effective manner. It has all the benefits of distance learning, such as reducing the time away from the office, but it also has the advantages of the interaction found in traditional classroom courses through the virtual element.
The PMP® credential from the Project Management institute is the most widely recognised global project management qualification demonstrating that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects. It not only evaluates your knowledge of the PMI® Body of Knowledge but also your broader knowledge of project management and your ability to take critical decisions in difficult situations.
The 5-day certification course is designed to give you a full and deep understanding to the PMI® approach to project management and also ensure you are fully prepared to undertake the PMP® exam. The training course employs active learning techniques such as process mapping and buzz groups and uses realistic case studies as well as offering plenty of opportunities to practice the format and style of typical questions which appear in the PMP® exam.
The PMP® credential is designed for experienced project managers who are looking for recognition of their competence to deliver projects. The PMI have specific pre-requisites based on your level of academic qualification and experience in project management.
To participate in the virtual classroom you will need a high speed internet connection, a PC with Adobe Flash installed, a USB Headset and webcam.

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