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Virtual PMQ Training – 5-day course or 6-week course?

Matt Bolton Matt Bolton

Published: 23rd September 2020

The 5 day virtual classroom course and the 6 week virtual course offer the same end goal, achieving the APM Project Management Qualification, but which learning method is best suited for you?

5-day Course

In a world where COVID-19 has prevented us from running classroom courses, the 5-day virtual course has replaced what used to be our traditional 5-day classroom training event. These 5-day virtual events offer a host of benefits, including:

  1. A concentrated environment to focus on learning
  2. A group of likeminded delegates each with experience to offer and learn from
  3. Learn from the comfort of your own home
  4. The ability to take the exam in a more relaxed environment where you can have a clearer mind
  5. Avoid paying for transport and accommodation to come to a set course location
  6. Get the course ‘over and done with’ – focus for a concentrated week, and come out with a wealth of knowledge, and hopefully a qualification

We make no bones about the 5-day courses: it is an intense week of learning. We expect you to be engaged 100% of the time, and you are required to do pre-reading and homework in the evenings as well. Whilst trying to take in a wide syllabus of information, and focus on learning exam technique, this can be a lot to handle.

So, what if this environment is too intense? This is why we have designed a 6-week programme, to spread the learning out over a number of weeks, to give you time to digest the learning and develop your project management capabilities over a longer time period.

6-week course

In this programme, we deliver 6 3-hour webinars, split 1 week apart. During these sessions, a tutor will take you through a subject in detail. You are then expected to use our resources (eLearning, study guide, podcasts) throughout the week to supplement what you have learnt. The exam is then taken at the end of this programme. This method offers a number of benefits over the 5-day course:

  1. Avoid the stress of 5 straight days
  2. Give yourself time to digest information and revisit topics
  3. Potentially give yourself a better chance of retaining information
  4. Break up the time out of the office – avoid having to take 1 whole week out of work, something a lot of project professionals are unable to do

The 6-week programme offers a more relaxed and less intense learning style, but still requires you to give full commitment to the course. We will expect you to study in your own time, turn up for sessions, complete homework (which is marked!) and get involved.

Which method is right for you?

Well, that comes down to your preferred style of learning and your goals. If you need the qualification ASAP and are prepared to concentrate for 1-week to do so, take the 5 day course. If you have the luxury of time and think you may struggle with the intensity of a 1 week course, take our 6 week programme.

We hope that by offering both of these learning styles, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget, we also offer a completely self-guided distance learning course if neither of these options are for you.

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