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What are the prerequisites for APM PPC – Project Planning and Control™?


Published: 27th April 2023

The APM PPC is just one of the project management qualifications that are available to those who want to choose a career in project management or who already work in the profession. It offers knowledge, skills and the tools that are needed in order to become an effective project planner. But are there any prerequisites for APM PPC?

The course itself uses the guidance that is based on the Association for Project Management (APM) approach towards Planning and Project Control™ for managers and also engineers. It is supported by the publication of the guide from the APM, ‘Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control – The Practical Project Management of Time, Cost and Risk.’

This is the first comprehensive book from the APM to contain a set of guidelines and best practices for project control and planning, and it is pertinent for a range of different sectors and industries.

The APM PPC qualification has been designed to assist in the raising of understanding around a range of project management topics in order to ensure that standards can be set by a number of organisations using a common test in order to make sure that they can make sure that a set standard is being met and to ensure best practise is undertaken which also ensuring the project manager get value for money with any project that they undertake.

What is the APM PPC?

The APM PPC examination offers both a foundation-level and a practitioner-level qualification. The first qualification is a more basic introduction to a range of different project management-related topics and processes. It is examined through a multi-choice paper which is made up of 50 questions. In order to pass the course, the candidate must get 50%.

The practitioner level of the qualification can only be taken once the foundation level has been completed and passed. It takes a more in-depth look at some of the material that is covered in the foundation level and also looks at some more complex project management topics and processes. The examination is a complex multi-choice one with 8 questions worth 10 marks each and again in order to pass the course and gain their certification the candidate must get 50%.

What is the prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for people looking to sit the APM PPC. This means that anyone who is looking for a change of career path could enrol on the course and sit the exams in order to hopefully pursue a career in the field of project planning. Having said that, for those who already have some experience of project work or project planning, particularly those who do not yet have a professional qualification, the APM PPC is a good way of formalising the knowledge you may already have gained. Achieving a recognised qualification will stand you in good stead should you choose to move to another job within the same organisation or even make a move to a different company.

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