tackling project communication issues

Project Beginning: What Are The Communication Issues

Communication is always important within project management, but particularly at the beginning of the project. Here we look at what the main communication issues are at the start of a project in more detail. Communication is important in all companies, businesses, organisations and of course, within project management. It is important all the way through […]

Project Planning Techniques

Project Planning Techniques

This post was originally written back in 2014 but was updated in April 2022. Fundamental project planning techniques have changed little during that time but many of the tools we now use have changed, and our best-practise knowledge has expanded immeasurably over that time. A project plan is the glue which will hold a project […]

Performing A Swot Analysis To Improve Teamwork

SWOT Analysis is a technique used frequently in project management to assist with decision-making. It is useful for project planning and risk management of complex projects and, as a consequence, it can also help to improve teamwork within a project team. The acronym SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. These terms indicate that […]

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What is a Project Management Framework (or Method)?

A project Management Framework consists of three parts a project lifecycle, a project control cycle and tool and templates to facilitate the execution of the project Standardised Roles With is a framework you will often see standardised roles. They often go beyond the typical project manager and sponsor roles and can include organisation specific roles […]

Comparison of the Different Types of Project Management Office (PMO).

The different types of project management office (PMO) is one of the new topics introduced as part of the 7th Edition of the APM Body of Knowledge. These different types of PMO can cause confusion for many candidates for the APM qualifications, most specifically the APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ). In this post, I […]

Effective time management

Effective Time Management – The Basics

Learning the art of good time management is the key to success in any career. But perhaps it is more so for anyone who is involved in project management. As any project manager knows it is easy to fill your schedule with events and tasks, but it is just as easy to be overwhelmed by […]


Arcadis and Parallel Collaborate to launch a Project Controls Academy Open to any Project Controls Professional

Overview Project Controls is a vital discipline to support the delivery of complex major projects and programmes. Arcadis and Parallel have come together to develop and launch the Arcadis Project Controls Academy. Based on the APMG Project Planning and Control™ qualification, this course is delivered by practising project controls professionals. The training will go beyond […]

running a successful project

The Key To Successful Project Management

A project could be something as relatively simple as designing a new kitchen, through to creating a new website to building your dream house. Or, it might even involve relocating an entire company overseas. Projects crop up in our personal life and in almost all areas of business and industry on a regular basis, but […]

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Defining project success

Feeling like you’ve done a great job on a project is not quite enough. In order for a project to be officially a success, it must meet a set of ‘success criteria’ as set out by the project stakeholders and manager. In order for a project to be proven a success, these criteria must be […]

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Are You a Good Communicator?

All project managers know that communication skills form the backbone of their ability to succeed in their roles. With communication channels spidering out from your project in all directions, to stakeholders, team members, managers and more, it makes sense to ensure you excel when it comes to communication skills. Being a project manager means being […]

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5 Project Management Tips: Things That Really Matter

Regardless of which project management approach you subscribe to every project can benefit from some focus on elements that are relevant to all projects and all methodologies. We all want to improve our project success rate and consistently deliver projects we can be proud of so just what are the aspects that cut across the […]