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Tips to Pass the APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)

Introduction If you’re preparing for the APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) 2nd edition assessment, this blog post aims to offer a streamlined guide that includes essential tips, insights, and a simplified process for analysing the case studies. This guide should be read alongside the Professional Qualification 2nd edition Candidate notes available from the APM. Important […]

Workstream or Work Package: Which is right for you?

On the radio the other day, I heard a senior civil servant discussing the workstreams in a project, which led me to ponder: why use the term workstream instead of work package? Are they merely two different terminologies for dividing a project, or does the language bear significance? The more I thought about this, the […]

Effective time management

Effective Time Management – The Basics

Learning the art of good time management is the key to success in any career. But perhaps it is more so for anyone who is involved in project management. As any project manager knows it is easy to fill your schedule with events and tasks, but it is just as easy to be overwhelmed by […]

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An Action Plan for Overcoming Project Overload: My Experience

I had an intriguing meeting this week with a client. We discussed challenges their organisation was facing: the entire team was burdened with a plethora of projects, causing prolonged delays, and there was constant confusion about which projects should take precedence. As it turns out, this issue is all too common. Even when organisations introduce […]

How to Pass the APM PPQ using STAR

Master the APM PPQ assessment with our tips and the STAR method. Enhance your interview performance for the APM Project Professional Qualification by structuring your answers effectively. Explore real-life examples and expert advice to excel in the assessment. Unlock success in your APM PPQ journey today.

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A breakdown of your project benefits management plan

A benefits management plan is designed to explain the different benefits of any project area and, perhaps more importantly, how and when they might be delivered. This is done through the inclusion of the following: Different types of benefits A benefits management plan will look at the two types of benefits, both tangible and intangible. […]

Our Approach to Developing Bespoke Project Management Training

In a bespoke project management training course, it is crucial to ensure that the training programmes are specifically targeted towards meeting the needs of the business. Through the years, we have developed a structured development process that works closely with our corporate clients to deliver training that caters to their unique requirements and delivers measurable […]

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How To Successfully Lead Change In A Project

Change is essential for the success of organisations. It enables them to grow and be dynamic and companies that are fluid and respond well to external factors are most likely to gain a competitive advantage. Organisations that are resistant to change risk falling into stagnation and failing. Change is not always easy but the key […]

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Difference Between Risk Management And Issue Management?

Updated 7th September 2023 Project managers often use the terms risk management and issue management interchangeably. In many industries, buzzwords and talk are a big part of project management where investors and directors are looking for answers and updates at each stage. However, this can lead to a novice project manager or project manager apprentice […]

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How To Build A Successful Project Team

    There are many components that come together to ensure you are successful as a project manager, from communicating effectively, to managing a schedule, to controlling the budget and handling risks. Nevertheless, most people would agree that an important first step is putting together the best project team. If you don’t have the right […]