An Action Plan for Overcoming Project Overload: My Experience

I had an intriguing meeting this week with a client. We discussed challenges their organisation was facing: the entire team was burdened with a plethora of projects, causing prolonged delays, and there was constant confusion about which projects should take precedence. As it turns out, this issue is all too common. Even when organisations introduce […]

How to Pass the APM PPQ using STAR

Master the APM PPQ assessment with our tips and the STAR method. Enhance your interview performance for the APM Project Professional Qualification by structuring your answers effectively. Explore real-life examples and expert advice to excel in the assessment. Unlock success in your APM PPQ journey today.

Our Approach to Developing Bespoke Project Management Training

In a bespoke project management training course, it is crucial to ensure that the training programmes are specifically targeted towards meeting the needs of the business. Through the years, we have developed a structured development process that works closely with our corporate clients to deliver training that caters to their unique requirements and delivers measurable […]

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How To Build A Successful Project Team

    There are many components that come together to ensure you are successful as a project manager, from communicating effectively, to managing a schedule, to controlling the budget and handling risks. Nevertheless, most people would agree that an important first step is putting together the best project team. If you don’t have the right […]

phases of the APM lifecycle

Explain 5 Benefits of a Project Lifecycle

Five Benefits of a Project  lifecycle are: It provides a structure for project delivery. It improves communication between team members. It enables progress to be tracked across the organisation. It provides for the progressive evolution of the project. It enables structured reviews that support governance. It provides a structure for project delivery. It provides a […]

tackling project communication issues

Project Beginning: What Are The Communication Issues

Communication is always important within project management, but particularly at the beginning of the project. Here we look at what the main communication issues are at the start of a project in more detail. Communication is important in all companies, businesses, organisations and of course, within project management. It is important all the way through […]

barriers to communications

5 Barriers To Communications And How To Overcome Them

5 barriers to communications are:       1. The environment in which the communication takes place is one of the barriers to communication. Work environment such as noise and temperature might affect communications in certain circumstances. The project manager, therefore, must ensure that the work environment is comfortable to everyone and that it will […]

cybersecurity for project managers

Cyber Security: Yet Another Task for Project Managers?

Updated April 2022 Anyone who has worked as a project manager knows that the array of tasks that fall to the project manager is seemingly endless. Risk management, time management, people management, budgeting, motivational and diplomacy skills are just some of what a project manager needs to tackle in order to successfully manage a project. […]

Project Planning Techniques

Project Planning Techniques

This post was originally written back in 2014 but was updated in April 2022. Fundamental project planning techniques have changed little during that time but many of the tools we now use have changed, and our best-practise knowledge has expanded immeasurably over that time. A project plan is the glue which will hold a project […]

Performing A Swot Analysis To Improve Teamwork

SWOT Analysis is a technique used frequently in project management to assist with decision-making. It is useful for project planning and risk management of complex projects and, as a consequence, it can also help to improve teamwork within a project team. The acronym SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. These terms indicate that […]

features of hybrid project management

Could Combining Traditional and Agile Methods Lead To More Successful Projects?

There are many different ways to approach managing a project, including hybrid project management. The best approach will partly depend on the type of project, the type of organisation and even the personal attitudes of the project manager. Some organisations will insist on following a formal methodology rigorously, others will allow a PM to adapt […]

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What is a Project Management Framework (or Method)?

A project Management Framework consists of three parts a project lifecycle, a project control cycle and tool and templates to facilitate the execution of the project Standardised Roles With is a framework you will often see standardised roles. They often go beyond the typical project manager and sponsor roles and can include organisation specific roles […]