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5 Configuration Management Roles

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 6th October 2012

Hi just trying to get to grips with configuration management, i thought a likley question may be” Describe 5 configuration management roles”


so here goes

1- Configuration Manager

The configuation manager is responsible for the design & implementation of a configuration management system that is appropriate for the project, it is also their responsibility to ensure that all project team member understand how the system works.

2- Configuration Item Owner

The configuration item owner is responsible for the development &  maintainence of the configuration item, they are responsible for ensuring any requests for change to the configuration item are evaluated & the effects of the proposed change documented

3- Configuration Librairian

The configuration Librairian is responsible for the maintainance of the configuration item records, ensuring that any documentation relating to the configuration item in circulation are at the current revision status

4- Configuration Quality Assurance

The configuration quality assurance person is responsible for carrying out audits on the configuration management items to ensure the configuration management system is being implemented

5- Configuration change control board

The configuration change control board is responsible for the approval / rejection of any requests for change to a configuration item


comments would be appreciated



  1. Student says:


    Not bad but almost straight from the book. Think of the configuration item owner as the lead designer or technical authority for the part being controlled. They could be a architect or engineer. They have to evaluate if the changes are technical feasible and make a recommendation to the change board. Everyone else if managing the process of controlling these detailed technical changes.

  2. Mark says:

    This is an interesting question in that the APM study guide (BoK v6) is pretty light in this area and yet I believe this is a possible question. Most organisations don’t have these separate roles so fleshing the answer out into scoring 10 marks is quite an imaginative leap!

    • pnaybour says:

      Mark you have to describe the roles with reference to the process too, So the PM sets out the configuration management plan, as part of the project management plan……

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