APMP Question Describe 5 Advantages Of Project Planning

Paul Naybour

After last weeks hard question on quality, this week a much easier one (I hope). Please write 5 paragraphes of two the three sentances each on the advantages of planning. Think about both the hard benifits (help deliver the project on time) and the soft benifits (help improve team understanding of the project). Post your anwer below and we will give you feedback. 

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  1. Gordon yep I think this is good. Try benefits of planning are simply delivery of projects to

    1) Time
    2) Cost
    3) Quality
    4) In a safe way
    5) With a happy customer and team

    Simple but effective.

  2. 1. Projects precipitate change and engender risk. Planning reduces Risk by anticipating the knock-on effects of change. In Project Management, Planning promotes controlled change and maximises anticipation of these knock-on effects, so reducing risk and the costs of their being realised. Planning would anticipate the need for additional parking and accommodation when designing a new airport runway for example.
    2. Planning anticipates the need to schedule the availability and deployment of human and financial resources over sometimes considerable periods. Planning therefore facilitates the ‘smoothing’ of resource usage across Projects Programmes and portfolios. A scaffold contractor will have a finite number of trained scaffold designers, staff and materials: planning ahead is therefore critical.
    3. At the programme level the realisation of benefits may impose a top down critical prioritisation that makes planning an imperative. The start of the Olympic Games would have made the tender process subject to non-negotiable clauses on completion date for example.
    4. In security sensitive environments such as nuclear establishments the necessity to sustain both containment, and security from external threat is paramount. Planning facilitates necessary early engagement and communication with all stakeholders: ensuring understanding and compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.
    5. For all stakeholders from the Project Board through Project Managers to the Project Team, Stakeholders and Clients, the provision of planning reduces stress and conflict by establishing expectations: whether relating to required finances, resources or the delivery of products and associated benefits. Planning therefore promotes the core leadership requirement of establishing a ‘shared vision’.

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