Project Management Training Tailored To Clinical Research

Paul Naybour

Project Management Clinical Trials Course Overview

Clinical research and development projects have some unique challenges both in terms of project scoping and risk. Much of the success of the project is outside the direct influence of the project manager. Critical success factors such as patient recruitment and retention rates are difficult to estimate and predict. Nevertheless while these factors cannot be controlled, they can be influenced and managed by a structured and collaborative approach to project management. This project management course, which is based on the APM body of Knowledge, is designed specifically for the needs of project managers in the clinical trials sector. Delivered by training consultant with significant hand-on experience in the sector it will address may of the key issues associated with the application of project management to these projects including:

  • How to develop a clear definition of the project success factors.
  • How to clearly define the project scope.
  • How to plan in the face of significant uncertainty.
  • How to effectively manage project risk.
  • How to use earned value methods to provide meaningful progress reports.

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