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Paul Naybour

Part of being a project manager is having vision and goals. One major goal all great project managers have is to move up the corporate ladder. No project manager wants to stay in the same position forever. One of the reasons they rose to the ranks of project manager is because they wanted more for themselves.

So if you are a project manager and you are thinking of moving up in the corporate world, you have to set yourself apart from other project managers. Now you may have some qualities that help you to stand out, and you may even have some great references from past employers, but that may not be enough. What can you do to help advance your career as a project manager in the UK?Most bosses and employers love to hire people who have graduated from a college or university. A lot of people think they hire people because of their major and their degree and that is part of it, but what most employers love to see is that the fact that the potential hire had the drive and commitment to finish what they started. So showing commitment is vital. Just as important as showing commitment is also showing investment in yourself by taking courses to help improve you as a project manager. The question is what course you should take? Right now the Association for Project Management (APM) is advocating taking a course in the APMP project management qualification.
The course itself is offered Parallel Project Training. Now this course is not designed for people that do not have commitment. It is actually a course designed to draw the best out of you. The course is a five day course and the course is taught by real project managers. The course is not like some courses where the teachers are just teachers; here the teachers have real life examples to share with you.
Now another great thing about the APMP project management qualification is that they recognize people learn in a variety of ways. They also recognize that the best way to learn is through repetition, so the great thing is that they have podcasts that you can download and listen to, until you get it. The reason that you get it is because at the end of the course you are going to take a 3 hour written exam and they want to make sure you pass it.
So after you take the course and pass the exam and got your qualification, you have basically just set yourself apart from other project managers and you have advanced your career. Now what can you expect from doing all of this? Well for starters there are certain high class organizations that will look favorably upon you after passing the exam. Some of the organizations include the Ministry of Defence and others.
Now all of this is great information and hopefully by now you can see that the APMP project management qualificationis well worth your time and effort, but the true reason also includes compensation. Most project managers with experience can usually make good money, however a project manager who takes the course and passes the exam on average makes about 10 K more then the project manager who does not take the exam or course. Which one is better for you?
There are certainly reasons why a person who has experience in project management may not want to take this course. In most cases they probably feel they don’t need it, and they probably feel they know everything they need to know. The truth of the matter is that if you have 2-3 years of experience as a project manager this course is the perfect fit for you. Change your life, advance your career and move up the corporate ladder. It’s all there for you.

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