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EC Harris Utilises Distance Learning

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 7th September 2012

Another nice story about Parallel Project Training in this month’s edition of Project

The text reads:
EC Harris has embarked on a tailored distance-learning programme for its practitioners in order to set a benchmark for understanding project management and aid professional development. The built asset consultancy has teamed up with Parallel Project Training to deliver the course, which aims to provide a consistent, high-quality experience to all of its project managers.

Those taking part will also have the opportunity to create networks outside their own immediate locations via virtual classrooms. The course also utilises e-learning and printed study materials leading to the APMP exam and subsequent qualification. Courses take place over an eight-week period with virtual classroom sessions and an examination held at the end.

Paul Naybour, business development director at Parallel Project Training, said: “The level of interaction between the participants in the virtual classroom situations is very high. Combining these with more standard e-learning practices and the printed study material has proved to be highly successful.”

With the pilot scheme already completed, resulting in a pass rate of over 80 per cent and a second course nearing completion, a third is currently being planned incorporating modifications based on participant feedback from previous sessions.

  1. Hans Garre says:

    Distance learning along with work helps to focus on the existing situations. Provides guidance and applying practical skills and techniques currently learned makes the project managers to perform in a much better way.

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