Section 4.8 Organisational Roles, Question 2

Paul Naybour

I am struggling with section 4.8 q2) Explain how the relationship between sponsor, PM and users operates through the life cycle of the project.make 5 points

I have only came-up with 4 points and I am unsure if they clearly answer the question. I would find it very useful to see someone elses answer to this question.

Would you suggest the use of a diagram in this case? I find it hard to give examples for this question.

My attempt:

– The sponsor may have a part to play in allocating a PM at the start of the project and will help the project manager to see the benefits of the project, as well as being a constant source of support

-The users must accept the authority of the sponsor. The users will help to define the requirements of the product during the early stages of the project, directing information via the project manager.

-During implementation the project manager will report back to the sponsor regarding the progress of the project. He will also turn to the sponsor for approval of any changes to the scope.

-During handover phase the project manager will look to ensure that the users accept the products by completing all of the tasks  and signing-off required documents.

I suspect my answers are not big enough. feedback please!

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  1. You are along the right lines but you could as more such as the Project Manager prepares the project management plan for approval by the sponsor. The sponsor approved the business case and the project funding. The project manager will manage the day to day risks on the project while the sponsor will manage the strategic risks to the business as generated by the project…

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