3 Types Of Organisation Structure – Strengths, Weaknesses

Paul Naybour

First attempt at a describe question. Am I allowed to show illustrations ie draw out the company map in this type of question? Or is that only for an explain question?
A Functional
organisation is composed of Functional Heads of various departments. Ie
Head of Marketing, Head of Finance and Head of Design. There is a clearly
defined channel of authority between them and their co-workers. Ie the
marketing team report directly to the Head of Marketing and so on.

Strengths are: 1) Maintains a highly skilled pool of staff
who are specialists at their discipline. 2) There is a clear line of authority and
co-workers know exactly who to report to.  3) There is a strong culture of organisational
learning . 

Weaknesses are: 1) Projects will only happen at the
functional head of department level.  2) A
lack of opportunity to spot talent as co-workers are hidden behind
organisational boundaries. 3) A possible lack of motivation amongst staff due
to being unable to progress to other parts of the organisation.
A Project
organisation is composed of project managers at the head of their project
teams. Co-workers report directly to project managers 
Strengths are: 1) The organisation is very focused on the
project. There are no business as usual activities to distract the team. 2) The
project manager is clearly in charge. He does not have to compete with line
managers for resources. 3) Project Manager is able to build his teams to suit
the project and able to define clear roles and responsibilities.
Weaknesses are: 1) Little or no career advancement due to
the temporary nature of the organisation. This could lead to staff motivation
problems.  2) There is little
organisational learning as specialist skills are not retained once the project
is completed. 3) Under utilisation or duplication of workers. If there are
under utilised staff on project, they will not be moved onto another.
 A Matrix
organisation has functional head channels of authority over co-workers, but
also gives project managers clear channels of authority over-co workers too.
 Strengths are: 1) There is a strong ethic on resource management.
Talent across the organisation should be visible to project managers.  2) Project Managers have clear lines of
authority across co workers. 3) Maintains a degree of organisational learning
once projects are completed.
 Weaknesses are: 1) There is a heavy overhead on the
organisation due to a heavy resource management culture. 2) Project Managers
will have to be good communicators to be able to influence co workers across
the organisation. 3) Project Managers will probably come into conflict with
line managers as they compete for resources.

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  1. Adam, this good example of a describe question, you can add a drawing but it won’t get any marks unless they specifically ask for it.

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