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Paul Naybour

Q Explain the purpose of the health and safety plan (10 marks)

A The purpose of the health and safety plan is to secure the health and safety and welfare of people at work and to protect them from risks to health and safety. The health and safety act of 1974 specifies this to protect people at work. the plan includes all aspects and elements of risks to health and safety and also how to avoid/mitigate them. for example one element of the plan could be equipment. Wearing hard hats whilst on a construction site. the employee must adhere to the plan and wear this at all times whilst on site.

Q List and describe 4 components of the health and safety plan (40 marks)

A When compiling a health and safety plan, the project manage must consider the following:
1. Make sure risk assessment is carried out
2. Proper training is given
3. Regular reviews take place
4. Provide proper equipment

1. The PM needs to make sure proper risk assessment has been carried out and documented in the plan. This ensures that all risks have been identified and potentially rectified and/or mitigated. for example when doing a product rollout change, the PM needs to check if laptop screens are of appropriate setting and/or can be changed in the office

2. The PM needs to check that the project team have a sufficient level of knowledge/training in their area of expertise. this will reduce/avoid any mistakes in the project. once documented, appropriate training must be given to those who need it before the project starts. For example some members of the project team may have a beginners level of Excel and the project requires people of a higher level. So the PM would send those of a lower level on a training course to develop their skills.

3. Regular reviews with the project team must be undertaken and documented so that minor issues do not snowball into major issues. This will fend off complacency in a project as the project team have regular assessments. for example regular one to ones with team members will allow them a chance to express their concerns or issues if they have any.

4. The PM must also include equipment into the health and safety plan. This will allow them to make sure that the project team are appropriately equipped, this making them a valued member of the project. For example for people on call during a change need to be contactable 24/7, so work phones may be handed out so that work can progress

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3 thoughts on “Feedback Please – Health & Safety Plan”

  1. So I would mark this

    Part 1: 8/10
    Part B
    List 10/10
    1) 6/8

    2) 8/8
    3) 6/8

    4) 6/8

    Total 44/50 so a very good mark. Well done.

  2. Thank you very much for the feedback. I hope I can replicate this in the exam and of course I do need to reduce the time spent on the answer!

  3. You are welcome, please feel free to post more answers if you get time. I am in the office for the rest of this week and most of next.

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