Feedback – Organisational Roles In Project Environment

Paul Naybour

Q List 5 roles associated with a project environment. Include in your answer the responsibilities of each role (50 marks)

A The 5 roles associated with a project environment are:
1. Sponsor
2. Project Manager (PM)
3. Project Team
4. Suppliers
5. Users

1. The sponsor has involvement throughout the project from business need to concept through to handover and closure through to benefits realisation. Due to this, they own the projects business case and benefits realisation with the users. They help the PM manage the stakeholders and exert their political influence to remove potential blockers to the project. Due to their overall involvement, they are also the people who approve changes to the business case.

2. The Project Manager (PM) unlike the sponsor is only involved for the duration of the project. They are responsible for delivering the project /product to the end users conforming to the time, cost and quality parameters. They are also sole owners of the project management plan (PMP) and are responsible for maintaining it and keeping it in line with the business case. They along with the sponsor help manage risks and issues. They are also responsible for managing the suppliers that have been engaged.

3. The project team is managed by the PM. They deliver the project/product to the time, cost and quality parameters. They support the PM in any issues that may occur and also help identify risks, issues and changes.

4. The suppliers are usually engaged by the project via a contract. They are managed by the PM for the duration of the project. They are responsible for reporting progress and identifying technical constraints, provide solutions and proposals.

5. Users. They are indirectly involved with the project as they are the people who identify the requirements and provide user acceptance sign off to the sponsor once the project has been completed.

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  1. Ok, so the first to paragraphs are good, the last two need more detail. Try adding examples and explaining why it is important to engage with users.

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