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Explain Five Benefits Of Using A Programme Management Approach

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 24th December 2015

1. Projects form part of a Programme because they are part of the vision set by senior managers of the organisation. Programme Management approach enables projects to be initiated, defined  or accelerated in order to meet the requirements of the vision, or they may be terminated if they no longer form part of the vision.
2. Programme Management approach has the benefit of being able to link each project with each of the other projects where they have an interdependency, such that the timing of the delivery of the products and the benefits can be communicated to the stakeholders, and risks of the interdependencies managed accordingly.  This has the benefit being able to communicate and manage the expectations of those stakeholders involved in the Business as usual.
3. Programme management approach has the ability to prioritise individual resources and move them  from one project to another within the programme in line with the changing circumstances and priorities of the projects. For  example if there are  two construction projects at different sites, and there is delay to one construction  project, it may be possible to utilise these resources at the other site to improve the time to completion.
4. Programme management approach enables risks and issues and changes on the projects to be communicated and co-ordinated across the programme via common project reporting mechanisms within the programme.
5. Programme management approach focusses on the definition and the management of  strategic benefits, and thus are concerned with ensuring that these benefits will be delivered to the relevant stakeholders, in addition to the products  of the projects.  It may be possible to adjust the scope of the project if it does not continue to meet the Benefits identified in the Business Case or to terminate the project and to  concentrate on other projects in the programme  that will realise the benefits.