Feedback: Explain What Is Meant By The Term ‘Project Context’.

Paul Naybour

Project context is the environment in which the project operates,
and the influences within the environment that will have an effect on the
project. The environment and the influences need to be understood by the
project manager in order to manage a successful project.  The influences
will depend on the type of project that will be undertaken.
1. Technological factors may influence the project context.  For example if a design and  development
project has safety critical elements  a greater degree of technical
consideration will need to come into force for the testing of these systems,
with specialist resources and processes required to ensure safe
operation.   The Through life maintenance considerations will need to
be carefully planned and will impact the time, materials and manpower resources
required to complete the development of the project.  The project manager
will need to take this into consideration when planning the timeline of the
2. Sociological factors may influence the project context. 
The needs of particular groups of society may be applicable if they are to be
the users of the end product.  For example an IT system will need to be
designed and developed with the end users in mind, such as size of display
screens, ease of use, and consideration of disabilities.  This will
require the project manage to ensure that an appropriate development plan is
put in place and the necessary skilled staff are assigned to ensure that the
use cases are considered early on.

3. Environmental factors may influence the project context.  For a construction project environmental
legislation will need to be considered.   The project manager may need to consider
producing and environmental impact assessment, at an early stage on the
project.    This will enable the project manager to
understand the environment and consider all of the factors and risks involved
on the project, and be able to plan for and allow time to consult with any
relevant authority for advice and gain any necessary permits, for example an
environmental permit may be required for discharges to land, water or air,

4. Legal factors may influence the project context.  Project managers need to be aware of potential
legislation that can affect the project. 
For example the Working time regulations 1998 prescribe rules regarding the
amount of time employees can work.  If time
is a limiting factor, the project manager will need to ensure that there are
sufficient numbers of personnel to deliver the Schedule, and may for example
need to allow time for recruitment in the Plans.  For construction projects planning permission
may be needed and the time required will need to be understood and allowed for
in the Plans.

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