Feedback Required Please – Another Response For Review

Paul Naybour

List and describe five roles associated with a project environment and include in your answers the responsibility of each role
  • Steering Group
  • The Sponsor
  • The Project Manager
  • The Team
  • The Suppliers
The Steering Group – will consist of individuals from varying departments and organisations which have an involvement with the project.  They will nominate the sponsor and support and advise the sponsor throughout the project.  The Steering Group will authorise the Business Case and will help the sponsor to influence and manage key stakeholders.
The Sponsor – is nominated by the Steering Group and will be a peer of the Steering Group members.  The sponsor will own the Business Case and realisation of benefits.  They will manage the more major, key stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the project, and deal with issues that the Project Manager cannot handle as well as helping to identify business/ strategic risks.  The Sponsor will also approve changes.
The Project Manager – is responsible for managing the project, the stakeholders, the team and the suppliers, they liaise with the end users and is accountable for the delivery of the project deliverables.  They will own the Project Management Plan and will regularly report on progress.  The Project Manager will ensure that the PMP is aligned with the Business Case throughout the life of the project as there could be changes that need to be made and this needs to be captured in both documents to ensure that everyone involved with the project is working from the same instruction and delivering the same outputs.
The Team – report directly to and support the Project Manager to deliver the deliverables to time, cost and quality parameters.  The team can be made up of both internal and external resource and remain for the whole life of the project or for just a short while – this could include suppliers or contractors.  They help to identify risks and changes on the project and will communicate these to the Project Manager.  The team can also be involved in the production and upkeep of the PMP.
The Suppliers – are engaged via a contract agreed with the Project Manager who could manage the suppliers as a role of contract manager.  They are responsible for reporting progress at regular intervals and are required to communicate all risks and issues.  The suppliers will also have the ability and knowledge to input into the PMP.

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