Some Direction Please…. Am I On The Right Track?

Paul Naybour

I am starting to go through exam questions and have come across the sample question below.  Can you advise if I am on the right track with my answer.  Obviously I will need to expand on how to alleviate the difficulties but if the 5 headings are correct I can start to do this.  Any guidance you can offer would be very much appreciated.

Describe 5 difficulties a PM may experience when working in a matrix environment and give examples of what they would do to alleviate these.
1. Fighting over resources – uncertainty for staff with what their actual reporting line is i.e. Line Manager or PM
2. There needs to be a good resource management system to enable the PM to find the most suitable resources for the project
3. Staff can be found hiding i.e. I cannot do that for you because I am doing it for …..
4.  Use of wrong resources due to not knowing the right people.  LMs need to organise networking meetings to ensure all relevant staff meet the right people and make themselves known.  PMs need full visibility to all staff
5.  PMs need be good communicators and influencers – they cannot keep escalating matters as there is no organisational authority.


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