Importance Of Project Management To Corporate Strategy

Paul Naybour

When you are running a large corporate company, planning plays a huge role in the success of your business. This fact simply exists because without a clear plan for implementation of strategic objectives a organisation can get lost with too many initiatives completing for too few resources. Interestingly this happens to organisations that are growing fast, because they are unable to keep up with customer demand and also with organisations that are shrinking because they can are unable to downsize their strategic appetite to fit with their down sided resources.   By taking the time to plan for your company’s system of work, you can ensure a much higher rate of efficiency and effectiveness compared to the work that comes from a company that takes hardly any time at all to plan.
Project, programme and portfolio management plays a critical role in implementing corporate strategy in a controls and systematic way.  In entails building cross functional commitment and plans for the delivery of the project which are important to realise the organisation’s strategy.

Establish links between organisation and project goals

To be effective organisations need to be brutal in evaluating if a project supports the organisation’s goals. In a time of limited resources and less is more. It is too easy to say yes to every business unit, as a result the organisation ends up with too many projects, none of which are able to deliver on time. Pruning the portfolio of projects is very difficult, but is essential to support effective implementation of a strategy.

Define the project objectives relative to the corporate goals

In times of limited resources, organisation need to guard against scope creep, projects need to stay focused and deliver benefit for the organisation quickly.This means setting project specific realistic goals and sticking to them. It can really help to have a simple project briefing or initiation process here. A remit issued by the senior managers of the organisation ensures that the project gets the priority and focus required.

Planning, Planning and more Planning

After establishing what needs to be accomplished, it is important to keep a detailed plan of what needs to be done exactly in order to reach each goal. Time spent developing the plans will ensure that the resource requirements are understood. This is especially important in cross functional teams, where different department many be working on many projects at a time.

Know What to Use and Where to Use Them

In order to accomplish your goals, you undoubtedly will need resources of one kind or another. Each step that leads to the achievement of a goal will require the work of employees, the tools of your trade, and, inevitably, money. By figuring out exactly what you need and where you need it before the project begins, you can save a lot of time, hassle, and waste that might come along with winning the resources side of your project when it is all already in motion.

Competent Project Managers

These are just a few key pointers to help those on the way to managing a project in a corporate setting. The larger the project, the more details that need to be handled, and in turn, the more training and forethought must be involved. Before launching a project in your company, it is of high importance that you ensure the capability of your project manager to effectively lead a team to accomplishing the tasks at hand. There are many resources such as training companies specified in the improvement of a company’s efficiency such as Parallel Project Training in Reading, UK.
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With project management being such a crucial player in the success of your company, proper training is not something to be skipped. Take the first steps to a more efficient corporate system by enrolling in Parallel Project Training courses today.

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