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Paul Naybour

– Parallel Project Training emphasises the importance of continuously developing project managers –

Reading, UK. 6 May 2011: A Project Management Academy has been established by innovative training company Parallel Project Training in recognition of the importance to successful projects of developing individual project managers. This follows in the footsteps of organisations such as NASA who were one of the first to appreciate the value of a Project Management Academy.
A Project Management Academy is a framework for the professional development of project managers, which recognises that the human element is a major factor in the success of a project. In increasingly complex business environments, the need to deliver complex projects successfully and consistently is vital and formal training, in isolation, may no longer be sufficient to guarantee successful projects. A Project Management Academy aims to develop project managers through a combination of formal project management training combined with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that is supplemented with mentoring, knowledge sharing and real-life work experience on projects.
There are four key benefits to the Project Management Academy approach:

  • Accredited training supports, challenges and motivates individual project managers
  • Work experience supports the formal project management training
  • Skills to deliver complex projects are enhanced by CPD activities leading to better performance
  • Training and development of project managers is flexible to allow progress at each individual’s own pace

These benefits ultimately ensure that an academy develops into a powerful, self-supporting community of project managers, at different stages of development, who all expect to, and do, consistently achieve success in their projects.
John Bolton, Programmes Director of Parallel Project Training commented “In establishing our Project Management Academy we recognise the need for bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of organisations which have their own well-developed project management processes and procedures. We deliver tailored solutions in the form of company-specific project management courses and activities such as workshops, seminars, webinars and podcasts to help make this happen.”
Parallel Project Training uses a Project Management Academy structure that is based on the levels of competence defined by the International Project Management Association (IPMA). This international standard forms the basis of the APM (Association of Project Managers) Qualifications such as the APMP and the APM RPP.

About Parallel Project Training

Parallel Project Training was formed in October 2009 by John Bolton and Paul Naybour and is supported by a pool of associates, advisers and consultants. Paul’s background is in the management of rail and infrastructure projects, leading major training programmes for many of the key players in the rail and transportation sector.  In addition to rail experience, John has a strong pedigree in major programmes in the software and services sectors along with significant involvement in the management and development of professional project managers. Both are very highly experienced project management professionals, each having over ten years experience as project management development professionals.  Parallel Project Training is based in Reading and offers a highly innovative approach to project management training. The courses include APMP, planning, risk management, estimating, and project leadership and will lead to accreditation where available. They are delivered using a combination of printed study material, e-learning, podcasts and classroom workshops. Parallel offers exceptional value for money with their innovative approach to efficiency and reducing impact on the environment – offering more for less.


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