What Level of APM Qualification / Standard is Right for me? APM IC, APMP, APM PQ or APM RPP?

Paul Naybour


Introductory Certificate



APM Registered
Project Professional

(really a standard not a qualification)

Who is it for?

(Extracts from the APM website)

No prior knowledge or
experience is required for this qualification which will offer the
individual the knowledge to make a positive contribution to any project.

APMP is aimed at those
wishing to achieve a broad level of project management knowledge
sufficient to participate in projects from individual assignments
through to large capital projects.

The Practitioner
Qualification is for relatively experienced professionals who can
demonstrate an ability to manage a non-complex project. You
should hold either the APMP

qualification or demonstrate a good understanding of the APM Body of

APM Registered Project
Professional is available to anyone with experience of managing others
in a complex project environment regardless of the persons professional
background or qualifications.

Experience in Project Management


1-5 years

3-8 years

5-10 or more years

Project Role

Project Team Member of new
project manager

Project Leader / Junior
Project Manager

Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

Project Team Size

Small Team

Small to medium

Large team

Multi organisation team

Project Complexity



Non-complex single
discipline and few organisations

Complex multi disciplinary
multi organisation

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