Success And Benefits Management Quiz

Paul Naybour

Success and benefits management Quiz
Question 4:
Having a sponsor who is prepared and able to make quick decisions might be an example of a…

Surely that’s a success factor, not a success criteria?

3 thoughts on “Success And Benefits Management Quiz”

  1. Yes that’s right having a effective sponsor who is prepared to make decisions would be an example of a success factor. Success criteria relate to the output of the project being delivered on-time, to coast and quality in a safe way with satisfied stakeholders.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I’ve taken the quiz twice, trying to work out where I misunderstood. And then found this thread which proves I’m right!
    Could someone look at changing the online quiz answer to question 4 as it keeps insisting that an effective decision maker would be a success criteria when in fact it’s success factor?


  3. Hi

    Sorry for the delayed answer this question, for some reason the notification from this group stopped. We have changed the quiz answer.

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