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Project Management Software Advantages and Disadvantages

Project management software is one of the most helpful tools that can assist project managers in being as effective as possible, regardless of the industry.  While incorporating project management software can certainly improve processes, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to using it, which require careful evaluation.

5 Best Practice Tips for Successful Project Mobilisation

Discover five helpful best practice tips to help you get a project going. Rally the right employees and resources to start work on a project on schedule so you can quickly build momentum and create a motivated team that will achieve cost savings, time savings, greater profits, improved utilisation, and happier clients.

What is a Project Charter?

A project charter (PC) is a document that states a project exists and provides the project manager with written authority to begin work. The document helps the project manager to communicate his authority and explain to project participants and stakeholders why the project is needed, who it involves, how long the project will take to complete, how much it will cost, what resources are needed and how successful completion of the project will help the organization. Once created, the document is rarely (if ever) amended.

Three Timeless Project Management Rules

We all seem to have our own set of “durable” project management rules. We rely on them again and again to help guide us to a successful project outcome, regardless of the type of project, technology or environment. Whatever methodology we are using, whether it is a traditional approach or a more agile approach each of us will have those rules we trust to get us through the tough times. Here are three rules that any project manager could benefit from using.

Why Ask “Why?” in Agile

There are many steps and procedures to be learnt by the project manager new to an Agile approach of project management  so it’s important to remember why they’re useful. Good project management is not just about good practice but also understanding the value of those practices so they can help you  when handling unforeseen situations.

Soft Skills in Project Management

The ability of a project manager to successfully manage projects can often hinge on their inter-personal or “soft” skills. Take a look at this slideshare to learn about the importance of establishing relationships, dealing with conflict and handling emotions.

A BYOD project management primer

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) brings with it a unique set of project management challenges for organizations making their first move in that direction. The project manager charged with leading a BYOD initiative can manage the technology, policy, security, and other factors that need to come together in order to support employees’ personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones accessing corporate resources. Here are tips for managing a successful BYOD initiative.

Dealing With The Politics in Project Management

The type of working relationships and personal dynamics that develop between the members of a project team and others involved in a project, such as stakeholders and senior executives, can determine how smoothly a project progresses and ultimately how successful it is. In a group with good working relationships problems can be dealt with easily and conflicts handled maturely without causing the project to flounder. But where working relationships are fraught with tension, individuals have their own personal agendas or are vying to be “top dog” then personal conflicts can get in the way of the project aims. Issues between members of the team become the over-riding concern both for the individuals concerned and sometimes even the project manager. Meetings can consist of jostling for power or simply trying to justify your position and when that happens progress on the project will suffer.

Boys Versus Girls in the Project Management Arena

There is not exactly a debate raging about the relative merits of female vs male project managers but it would be worth all project managers becoming aware of traditionally gender specific traits that can aid their success in project management. Clearly those traits considered to be typically gender specific can occur in the “opposite” sex i.e. a female can be a competitive risk-taker and a man can be a good communicator and motivator. Indeed these traits are perhaps best described as simply personality traits rather than gender traits.

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